Major Update: Version 2.0 Of Demo Released

After a month since the launch of our demo, we have received countless feedback. We want to let you know that your voices have been heard. 

Today, we announce the launch of a new demo, version 2.0 of Caffeine: Victoria's Legacy.  There are major changes to this demo, including:

  • Fixed Default music and sound volume at the beginning. Default volume is now set to half instead of full volume at beginning
  • Fixed default text speed from instant to 30 cps
  • Prologue has been cut to half its original length. The recall choice option has also been removed and replaced with a more linear flow
  • We've made a tone of voice change to the main character.
  • Four new choice options have been added at the beginning of the story
  • A new supporting character has been added in the demo
  • Fixed grammatical errors

We would still like to hear further feedback on our project. You are welcomed to leave comments here and we will get back to you.


Caffeine: Victoria's Legacy (Win, Mac & Linux)
Version 2.0 Sep 21, 2018

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