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You are an aspiring food blogger in the city of Wisteria. One day, a giant raccoon guides you to Bellflower Bistro, where you meet three charming characters that will prove to be your life's turning point.

What fate awaits you at the bistro? Will you answer to your true calling and become a food blogger that will make your mom proud? Are you able to help your romantic partner achieve their dreams? What choices will you make? Who will you date? 

Bistro Days is an over-the-top Slice of Life romantic story where every choice matters, with multiple endings that lead you to a different romantic path. 

Now seeking funding on Kickstarter!

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Rose is the manager of the bistro, having worked in similar establishments since she was in high school. Now with years of experience under her belt, she is an expert in all things food industry and has the confidence and leadership skills to boot.

Although friendly, she tends to hold everyone to a high standard. She sometimes comes into conflict with those who disagree with her, but she always forgives and moves on.

Lily only started working at the bistro a few months ago. She joined at a weird time, when the management and work conditions were beginning to reach an all-time low. Having been in the hospitality business for a long time, she tried her best to resolve the issues in the bistro on her own -- but ultimately, she leaned on Rose for help when things got out of hand.

Iris is a new hire, joining shortly after Lily. Rose hired her because of her outgoing personality and how skilled Iris is at everything, especially latte art and drawing daily menu boards. As a general team member at the bistro, she balances the front-of-the-house tasks, as well as the social media page and signboards.

Full Game Features

  • 3 main romanceable characters
  • 15 fully voiced CGs
  • Play as a male or female protagonist
  • Partial voice acting
  • Choice driven storyline
  •  High-Resolution Backgrounds
  • Over 6 hours of gameplay


Developed by Michael Emerson (Drunk Bunny Games)
Published by Kikai Digital
Sprites and CG artwork by KeppaTea
Main story by Renkka
Background art: @KeiraWorks
Chibi Artwork: Sasha Chii 
Additional Development: Sku;Te
Music: Jan Hehr 
Additional music: AudioBlocks


Buy Now$11.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $11.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Bistro Days (PC) 493 MB
Bistro Days (Mac) 476 MB

Download demo

Bistro Days Demo - PC 166 MB
Version 1
Bistro Days Demo - Mac 148 MB
Version 1

Development log


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It's a shame I missed the Kickstarter funding period. I would have definitely done the $120 AUD or $91 USD option if I hadn't been busy with work and such. Oh well... I guess I'll just have to buy the premium edition when it comes out. 

This has been the most disappointing moment of 2021 for me. HOW COULD I MISS OUT ON FUNDING SUCH A GEM?! I blame my job and social life. *long, heaving sigh*

I'll def buy the game when it comes out though. That's a promise. 

Ah that's a shame but thanks for your support! 

is this game kid-friendly?

Deleted 1 year ago

It's meant for 18 and over due to some of the content / language

Thoroughly enjoying the interactions between the characters in Bistro Days, from comments I have only about 2 minutes left before the demo ends, but there'll be a 2nd video real soon. Thank you and twintails bestie! <3 

Part 2 <3 

Oh wow, think this is the first time I've witnessed two devs from projects I backed on KS uniting beyond shout-outs. Most interested in seeing this alliance flourish! KANPAIIIIII

Ah, you're the same group that created Caffeine: Victoria's Legacy!

I backed that visual novel when it was on Kickstarter, and I look forward to backing this visual novel as well.

Enthusiastically waves at top fan :)

I remember you from my campaign! Thank you for continued support.

You're welcome! So this is a collaboration between the creators of Caffeine: Victoria's Legacy and Cafe Crush? I'm sure it'll be a very fun story to play when it's complete. I look forward to it.

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A great and beautiful VN. I definitely will pay for the full game. 

Can't wait for more! :D

Glad you like our game!

I have a question when the Polish translation of the subtitles will come out?

Sorry we don't have plans for a Polish Translation.

Will the full release be free or will it cost money? im really invested with this VN

The full game will be paid, we are currently planning to crowd fund in the coming months. Stay tuned!

Hello! I started playing your game on my channel! Really like the vibe of it so far! 

Thanks for playing! Glad you are enjoying the demo so far!


Oh my goodness i love it. The art style is simply amazing and the characters are astonishing but it so sad it was a demo legit would have spent my whole day playing it i also loved the voice acting here and there

Jusk like the person below me said this could be one of the best

Cant wait for the release 

(1 edit) (+1)

Very, very lovely. Honestly, I downloaded it without realizing it's a demo and then was devastated to see that it's already over. The art style is beautiful, the explorable characters seem very interesting with their own quirks, and even with some pretty neat voice acting.

In my opinion, easily having the potential to be one of the best VNs here on Itch.

When can we expect a full release?

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Hey! Really glad you enjoyed the demo, thank you for your kind words. The game is planned for release some time next year, follow this page and we'll keep you updated anyway!

I definitely will. I'm looking forward to the full release! I hope it'll turn out just as amazing as the demo!

Am gonna play the game now and get back to u looks quite intresting :)